5 Fantastic Tips on How To Travel Europe Cheaply

Traveling to Europe doesn't have to be expensive! These are 7 Tips that will help you travel Europe Cheap!


Exploring Europe: Is Buying A Eurail Pass Worth it?

Planning a Trip to Europe this summer? Find out if buying a Eurail Pass is worth it! https://www.abackpackerstale.com/blogs/is-a-eurail-pass-worth-it

5 Fantastic Tips on How To Travel Europe Cheaply

Traveling to Europe doesn't have to be expensive! These are 7 Tips that will help you travel Europe Cheap!


Exploring Europe: Is Buying A Eurail Pass Worth it?

Find out if buying a Eurail Pass is worth it! http://bit.ly/2L2tb22

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Who knew China has pyramids. This are 1,000 year old tombs of the XiXia empire. The XiXia are known as the most mysterious emperors in China.

Many text are recovered but sadly the language was destroyed when the Mongols came to this part of China.

What is known is that all of the emperors died a tragic death. And the people built they tombs to honor them.

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It's awesome to be back in China. Spending time with my Chinese family and exploring some new parts of this awesome country! Bring on the rice wine!

Embarking on the Drive of a Lifetime – Tackling Route 66

One of my good friends and favorite bloggers is doing a trip of a life time! Make sure to follow LandLopers and follow along!

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It is extremely nice to back in China and exploring some new parts with my Chinese family. Today I was lucky enough to take a drive up 4 Sisters Mountain. Here we are 5,075 meters high!

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Bye bye Myanmar. It's being a great time full of tea leaf salads, shaky trains, and massive lakes, motorbike rides.

Now off to one of my favorite countries in he world! Can you guess where? It is a country I visit every year (usual in Jan or Feb for their biggest festival), it shares a border with Burma, it is less than a two hour flight from Mandalay, and has one of the oldest recorded history's in the entire world.

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I love Singapore's airport! I couldn't even imagine it getting bigger and better.....but it is! This is crazy!

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Greetings from Myanmar! Yesterday I spent 8 hours exploring beautiful Inle Lake. I've been in the country for a couple weeks now and am loving every moment of it.

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Haha. Who else has been like this guy!!

Planning your trip to Europe this summer? These are my top tips for traveling through Europe!


Heading to Koh Samui for a week! It is one of my favorite islands is Thailand. It is full of everything from waterfalls to giant Buddhas, beaches to night markets! Who else have been? What did you think?

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Who else loves Barcelona?

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Rome is hands down one of my favorite cities on the planet! Who do you want to roam Rome with?

After a month at home for the holidays I'm back on the road! My New Years resolution is to travel slowly this year and spend time really getting to know a few select cities. First, stop is one of my favorite countries in the world.....Thailand.

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Pick me..pick me.

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Which one is your favorite?

Culture Trip

Who else feels this way!?

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Haha so true!

Haka Tours New Zealand

This sums up why New Zealand is one of my favorite places on Earth and also why Haka Tours New Zealand is the best tour company on the Islands.


Who else has been this person!


Awesome video by BackPackerBanter.com that showcases one of the most stunning costal drives in the world!! Is the Great Ocean Road on your Aussie bucket list?


Haha. Who else besides me has ever felt this way?

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Road tripping Ireland. This was my very first trip abroad 11 years ago ( where does the time go?). Revisiting some old places and checking out some new ones!! Who has an Irish adventure jotted down on their bucket list?

Photos from A Backpackers Tale's post

Irelands pretty epic!!

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The quote the Scottish actor Gerald Butler "This is Scotland" 😂

A farm, clouds, hills, a wee bit of rain, and a hairy coo. Could you get a more Scottish picture. 😂

Yesterday was worse travel day ever. A few months ago a friend and I booked an all inclusive for ourselves and our moms to Turkey through TUI (Thomson Holidays). We needed E Visas to enter turkey which take less than a day to get approved. However, a few days before our holiday started the USA and Turkey suspended visa's between the countries due to the recent diplomat issues.

Calling Thomson we explained the situation yet they refused to book us on another trip to somewhere in Europe on refund our $1200, or even issue a voucher for a trip at a later date.

I spent all day on the phone with them yesterday and frankly 3 out of 4 people I talked too were extremely rude and unhelpful. Finally, I got transferred to a women who seemed to care. She said she would contact the higher up's and see what she could do, but she said there was basically no chance they would help or care.

They say it is our fault for not having the proper documents to enter the country. Even though it is impossible to have got Visa because they stopped issuing them.

Not only that but they moved up our flight by 4 hours without an email or text letting us know. While we were at the airport dealing with their representatives we saw another couple they had just happened too. Guess what, Thomson blamed them. Saying they should have magically known the flight had been bumped up and refused to compensate them.

Here is where the situation is at right now. My mom and I are out of a holiday, they are keeping our money, and they refuse to do anything for us. Instead, they are telling us to contact the travel insurance company to get it refunded. That way they get to keep our money while the CC company has to pay it back.

If this has ever happened to you or if you think this is wrong please share. It might save another traveler!!!

Italy is one of my favorite countries in the world. I was lucky enough to share dinner with one of my favorite travel buddies and fellow blogger LandLopers. Although, it's been a crazy last day to my Italian road trip it was nice to catch up with an old friend I haven't seen in a few years.

Greeting from Tellaro. On the northern coast of Italy Cinque Terra gets all the credit but Tellaro offers amazing views, a relaxed city without the tourist crowds. You can get an Airbnb here for as little as $450 a month. Who wants to split rent!!?

Greeting from Italy. Gearing up to take my momma on an Italian Road trip over the next couple weeks. After a quick drink at one of my favorite spots in the world.

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Espresso and Presecco.....is there any other way to get ready for a trip to Italy.

Getting ready for a flight with my momma. We are embarking on a ten day road trip to some medieval villages in one of my favorite countries in the world....Italy.

Stoked to be number 41 in Feedspot top 100 backpacking blogs! Thanks for all the follows and support!

So long Ohio. I'm leaving after spending a quiet summer at home. (My first summer in Ohio in over 8 years).

Now it's time to get back to traveling. The next few months I'll be road tripping around England, Ireland, and Italy. And visiting my first all inclusive in Turkey.

I haven't road tripped through Europe in years!! Any suggestions!?

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